Primary Contests & Candidates

The Primary Election will be held on August 21, 2018.

Listed below are all of the offices available for election.
Candidates may file with the appropriate office May 17, 2018 To June 1, 2018.

*** The submission period has ended ***

Last Update: June 11, 2018 2:50 PM

Federal Contests
Contest   Term
United States Senator 6 years
Republican John Barrasso
Republican Roque "Rocky" De La Fuente
Republican Dave Dodson
Republican Charlie Hardy
Republican John Holtz
Republican Anthony L. Van Risseghem
Democratic Gary Trauner
Contest   Term
United States Representative 2 years
Republican Liz Cheney
Republican Rod Miller
Republican Blake E Stanley
Democratic Travis Helm
Democratic Greg Hunter

State Contests
Contest   Term
Governor 4 years
Republican Bill Dahlin
Republican Foster Friess
Republican Sam E. Galeotos
Republican Mark Gordon
Republican Harriet M. Hageman
Republican Taylor Haynes
Democratic Kenneth R Casner
Democratic Michael Allen Green
Democratic Mary A. Throne
Democratic Rex Wilde
Secretary of State 4 years
Republican Edward Buchanan
Democratic James W. Byrd
Contest   Term
State Auditor 4 years
Republican Kristi Racines
Republican Nathan Winters
Democratic Jeff Dockter
State Treasurer 4 years
Republican Leland Christensen
Republican Curt Meier
Republican Ron Redo
Superintendent of Public Instruction 4 years
Republican Jillian Balow
District Attorney 7th Judicial District 4 years
Republican Dan Itzen

Senate Contests
Contest   Term
State Senator 27 4 years
Republican Bill Landen
State Senator 29 4 years
Republican Drew Perkins

House Contests
Contest   Term
State Representative 35 2 years
Republican Joe Macguire
State Representative 36 2 years
Republican Art Washut
Democratic Debbie Bovee
State Representative 37 2 years
Republican Gregory Flesvig
Republican Steve Harshman
State Representative 38 2 years
Republican Tom Walters
Contest   Term
State Representative 56 2 years
Republican Kris Gaddis
Republican Jerry Obermueller
State Representative 57 2 years
Republican Chuck Gray
Republican Daniel Sandoval
Democratic Jane Ifland
State Representative 58 2 years
Republican Charles H. Schoenwolf
Republican Patrick "Pat" Sweeney
State Representative 59 2 years
Republican Bunky Loucks
Democratic Laurie L Longtine

County Contests
Contest   Term
(3) Three County Commissioners 4 years
Republican Paul C. Bertoglio
Republican Jerry A. Cook
Republican Robert L. Hendry
Republican Tracy Lamont
Republican Jim Milne
Republican Todd Murphy
Republican David North
Republican Linda R. Shogren-O'Grady
Democratic Terry Wingerter
Natrona County Assessor 4 years
Republican Matthew Keating
Republican Tammy Saulsbury
Contest   Term
Natrona County Clerk 4 years
Republican Tracy Good
Republican Chris Lindsey
Natrona County Clerk of the District Court 4 years
Republican Leticia Drake
Republican Anne Volin
Republican Andrew Whittle
Natrona County Coroner 4 years
Republican Connie Jacobson
Natrona County Sheriff 4 years
Republican Gus Holbrook
Natrona County Treasurer 4 years
Republican Tom Doyle

City of Casper Contests
Contest   Term
Casper City Council Ward I 4 years
  Jacquie R. Anderson
  Khrystyn Lutz
  Vicki R. Orcutt - Withdrawn
Casper City Council Ward I (2 year unexpired) 4 years
  Michael E. Huber
Casper City Council Ward II 4 years
  Shawn Johnson
  Mark P. Kawa
Contest   Term
Casper City Council Ward II (2 year unexpired) 4 years
  Kenneth Bates
  William P. Knight Jr.
(2) Two Casper City Council Ward III 4 years
  Steven Freel
  Pete Owen
  Ray Pacheco

Bar Nunn Contests
Contest   Term
(2) Two Bar Nunn Town Council 4 years
  Robert W. Hoover
  Teri Kelly
Bar Nunn Town Mayor 4 years
  Patrick R. Ford

Evansville Contests
Contest   Term
(2) Two Evansville Town Council 4 years
  Chad Edwards
  Joseph A Knop
Evansville Town Council (2 year unexpired) 4 years
  Aaron Vigneault
Evansville Town Mayor 4 years
  Jennifer Sorenson

Mills Contests
Contest   Term
(2) Two Mills Town Council 4 years
  James Hollander
  Darla R. Ives
Mills Town Mayor 4 years
  Seth M. Coleman
  Mike Pyatt