In The Spotlight


Connie Smith has been in the Assessor’s office for 30 years.  Appointed in 2013 and elected in 2014, she is a certified appraiser through the State of Wyoming, Department of Revenue and continues to maintain that certification yearly through ongoing education.  During her tenure she has served in many capacities, her favorite being interaction with the public.

Purpose and Mission

The purpose of the Assessor’s office is to discover, list and value county property and to administer tax policy as set forth in the Wyoming Constitution, Statutes and rules.

The mission of the Natrona County Assessor’s Office is to provide the citizens of Natrona County with fair and accurate property assessments while complying with the State’s tax policies, rules and regulations.  

State of Wyoming Authority

W.S. 18-3-204, along with other statutes, establish the duties of the office.  The Assessor’s office works closely with the Department of Revenue, the State Board of Equalization and other county offices to perform the duties related to real and personal property valuations.


Currently there are fourteen full time employees.  Each person in the office works directly with the public in some manner. Duties vary including statistical and value analysis, mapping, appraising, ownership changes and recording personal property.   Working with the public and providing quality service is paramount.

While they are happy to provide ownership, legal descriptions, lot sizes and general property information, which is public information per Wyoming Statute, sales prices and personal property asset information are protected. The nature of their work can sometimes wander into the legal aspect of our daily lives, but the employees are not lawyers, and therefore, do not give legal advice.

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