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Natrona County Parks’ 10,768-acre system of urban and mountain parks, trails, lakes, streams, and open space is one of the most diverse recreational areas in all of Wyoming.

Our natural environments range from sand dunes and rock cliffs to mountain forests and cool lakes. You can enjoy nature all by yourself or with friends. 

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Oct 05

Ski Passes, Webcams and Weather

Posted on October 5, 2017 at 8:33 AM by Eileen Hill

As the weather begins to get cooler and thoughts of snow start in everyone’s mind, not everyone dreads the white stuff. Casper Mountain offers a great opportunity to get out skiing, snow shoeing and even biking on groomed trails. Before you go, check out the conditions by viewing the new webcams that are located at the Trials Lodge. You'll find current weather, weather history and the forecast so that you can better plan for your outing. But just don't view in the winter months. Watch the changing seasons year round. The system was upgraded this summer to provide a clearer view and more information. Visit the Casper Mountain Trails Center Weather Station or click on the webcam link from the County's home page.

On average, it takes around 4 feet of snow before the trails are ready for grooming. That much snow is needed before the groomer can safely traverse the trails by effectively covering stumps, rocks and other obstacles. The County will post trail updates as conditions change but you can also use the new cameras to keep tabs on snow conditions. Once enough snow has fallen and the County has groomed the trails, you will be ready to hit the trails and try out those new skis or snowshoes. Now all that is required is a ski pass. Anyone using the groomed Nordic trails on Casper Mountain is required to have a Nordic Trails Pass. Proceeds from the sales go to cover grooming costs. Passes can be purchased at the Natrona County Roads, Bridges and Parks office at 538 SW Wyoming Blvd in Mills. You will receive your pass at the time of purchase at this location. Other locations include Mountain Sports, Zeeloo's, Crazy Pedaler and 42 Degrees North.

Passes are:

  • Daily $10
  • Individual $35
  • Family of four $100 (additional passes are $10 each for children under the age of 21)
Contact the Natrona County Parks Department for more information.