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Nov 09

Rotary Park is Open

Posted on November 9, 2017 at 11:52 AM by Parks Department

The recent temporary closure of Rotary Park has been lifted.  Due to recent snowfalls, the roads at Rotary Park become very slick causing several accidents.  Park staff has since moved a concrete barrier to the upper parking lot to keep people from driving into the turnaround area next to the restroom.  For the remainder of the winter, the road from above the upper parking lot through the picnic area and lower parking lot will be closed.  This is due to snow accumulation and slick roads.  Park users will still be able to access the area from the upper parking lot.  This parking lot is small so use caution when parking.  Park users are also advised that when the snow plow is working in the area, please stay off the road and parking area until plowing operations are concluded.  The snowplow has to work in a very confined area so please let them finish before parking.  Plowing of the Rotary Park road and parking lot will take place when the County is plowing Garden Creek Road (Road 252) which will vary depending on weather conditions.


Park users are also reminded that pets are required to be on a leash and to remove and dispose of the animal’s waste according to Natrona County Parks Rules and Regulations Section 10.  We have had numerous complaints about unrestrained pets and pet feces that are left in the Park and on the Bridle Trail.  Please be respectful to other users. 


For further information, please contact the Parks Department at (307) 235-9311.