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200 North Center
Casper, WY 82601
(307) 235-9200
Horizon Interactive Awards - Recognizing Excellence in Interactive Media Production
Other Information
Building Guidelines
  • Ground and roof snow loads: Elevations below 6,000 feet are 30# roof snow load (flat roof load) and 100# for above 6,000 feet.  Another way of describing this load is 30# or 100# ground snow with no reductions allowed.
  • Wind speed: 90 Vfm, 105 mph with 3 second gust, 1-2 family. All other structures Chapter 16 IBC.
  • Seismic design: category B
  • Weathering: severe
  • Frost line depth: 42” to bottom of footer
  • Termite: none to slight (sw15) (c16)
  • Decay: none to slight
  • Winter design temperature: negative 10 degrees
  • Ice shield: required if history of ice damage
  • Air freezing index: 3,000
  • Mean annual temperature: 44.5 degrees
  • Stormwater sizing: 3" of rainfall per hour

Additional Guidelines

Additional Information
For more information, please call (307) 235-9435.

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