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General Contests & Candidates
The General Election will be held on November 8, 2016.

Listed below are all of the offices available for election.

Statement of Receipts report is due November 1, 2016
Statement of Receipts & Expenditures is due November 18, 2016
Forms available at: or through the County Clerk's office.

Last Update: September 12, 2016 11:59 AM

Federal Contests
Contest   Term
United States President / Vice President 4 years
Republican Donald Trump
Mike Pence
Democratic Hillary Clinton
Tim Kaine
Constitution Darrell Castle
Scott Bradley
Libertarian Gary Johnson
Bill Weld
Independent "Rocky" Roque De La Fuente
Michael Steinberg
Independent Jill Stein
Ajamu Baraka
Contest   Term
United States Representative 2 years
Republican Liz Cheney
Democratic Ryan Greene
Constitution Daniel Clyde Cummings
Libertarian Lawrence Gerard Struempf

Senate Contests
Contest   Term
State Senator 28 4 years
Republican James (Jim) Anderson
Democratic Kimberly Holloway
Contest   Term
State Senator 30 4 years
Republican Charles K. Scott
Democratic Robert Ford

House Contests
Contest   Term
State Representative 35 2 years
Republican Kendell Kroeker
Democratic Brett Governanti
State Representative 36 2 years
Republican Gerald Gay
Democratic Debbie Bovee
State Representative 37 2 years
Republican Steve Harshman
Democratic Deirdre Stoelzle
State Representative 38 2 years
Republican Tom Walters
Contest   Term
State Representative 56 2 years
Republican Jerry Obermueller
Democratic Dan Neal
State Representative 57 2 years
Republican Chuck Gray
Democratic Audrey M. Cotherman
State Representative 58 2 years
Republican Patrick Sweeney
Democratic Michael Wade McDaniel Jr.
Independent Joe Porambo
State Representative 59 2 years
Republican Carl "Bunky" Loucks
Democratic Laurie Longtine

County Contests
Contest   Term
(2) Two County Commissioners 4 years
Republican Forrest Chadwick
Republican Matt Keating
Democratic Linda Shogren-O'Grady
Democratic Terry Wingerter
Constitution Linda Bergeron
Contest   Term
(4) Four Casper College Board of Trustees 4 years
  Scott Bennion
  Carrie Gomez
  Lauren Griffith
  Matthew A. Loucks
  Susan D. Miller
  Suzanne Sandoval

City of Casper Contests
Contest   Term
(2) Two Casper City Council Ward I 4 years
  Michael Forbes
  Bob Hopkins
  Amanda Huckabay
  Daniel Sandoval
Casper City Council Ward I (unexpired) 2 years
  Wayne Heili
  Jesse Morgan
Contest   Term
(2) Two Casper City Council Ward II 4 years
  Darin L. Crowell
  Scott F. Miller
  Todd Murphy
  Charlie Powell
Casper City Council Ward III 4 years
  Stephen Cathey
  Christopher Walsh

Bar Nunn Contests
Contest   Term
(2) Two Bar Nunn Town Council 4 years
  Josh Brown
  Steven Clark
  Preston Costley

Evansville Contests
Contest   Term
(2) Two Evansville Town Council 4 years
  Jory Delinger
  Jennifer Sorenson
  Forrest J. Tobin
  Doug White

Mills Contests
Contest   Term
(2) Two Mills Town Council 4 years
  Sara E. McCarthy
  Ruth M. Pitts
  Ronald "Hunter" Wales
Mills Town Council (unexpired) 2 years
  Darla R. Ives

School Contests
Contest   Term
(5) Five County School District #1 Board of Trustees 4 years
  Raymond Catellier
  Kevin Christopherson
  Angela M. Coleman
  Gregory Paul Flesvig
  Dana M. Howie
  David Martorano
  Randy Quig
  William J. Russell
  Rita Walsh

Fire Contests
Contest   Term
(3) Three County Fire Protection District Directors 4 years
  John Bentley
  Keith Robinett
  George E. Tillman Jr.
(3) Three Casper Mountain Fire District Directors 4 years
  James Barton
  Kenneth Brown
  Bill Chambers
  Pat Harshman

Conservation Contests
Contest   Term
County Urban Conservation District Supervisor 4 years
  Scott S. Smith
County At Large Conservation District Supervisor 4 years
  Len Camp
County Rural Conservation District Supervisor 4 years
  Dennis Scott


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