Branded Titles

  • Wyoming carries forward brands on titles from other states.
  • Any motor vehicle which sustains damage in an amount exceeding 75% of its actual retail value, along with a Wyoming Application for Title (PDF), a letter from the insurance company stating the damage, will receive a Wyoming certificate of title branded "Salvage". Note: a Title fee is required - Refer to fee schedule (PDF).
  • This does not apply to vehicles with more than eight years of service or commercial vehicles with a gross vehicle weight exceeding 26,000 pounds.
The owner of a motor vehicle for which a Wyoming certificate of title branded salvage has been issued, may apply for a Rebuilt Salvage Vehicle Decal and will need:
  • Application (PDF) identifying the vehicle’s damage prior to being repaired.
  • A copy of the original certificate of title branded "Salvage."
  • Name and address of the person who repaired or rebuilt the vehicle.
  • Affirmation that the information is complete and accurate and, no stolen parts were used during the rebuilding.
When the department mails you a form and rebuilt decal, then you must affix the decal as stated in the certificate, and have a Wyoming law enforcement officer inspect the vehicle and decal. By presenting this form, the original Certificate of Title branded "Salvage", a Wyoming Certificate of Title branded "Rebuilt" shall be issued to the owner. Note: a Title fee is required - Refer to fee schedule (PDF).