Planning Department

Planning Purpose

It is the duty of Natrona County to administer its jurisdiction and relationships so that the people of Natrona County are able to use their land in a safe, effective manner, free from conflicts and in an economically viable fashion.  


The Planning Department conducts review of development within our community in conjunction with the Building Department.  The Planning Department also provides technical assistance and staff support to the Planning & Zoning Commission and the Board of County Commissioners.

The Code Enforcement division of Planning is to promote and encourage the maintenance of properties within Natrona County and to protect and provide for the highest level of health, safety, and welfare for the citizens of Natrona County.  Code Enforcement also enforces zoning regulations and issues related to building permits, permitted uses, etc.


The Planning Department is responsible for answering questions and writing reviews related to development, zoning, land use and issues including:

Applicable Documents

2022 Zoning Resolution (PDF)
2000 Zoning Resolution (PDF)
2022 Casper Mountain Land Use Plan (PDF)
2016 Development Plan (PDF)
2023 Planning Commission Meeting Deadline (PDF)
Request a New Address (PDF)
Application Fee Schedule (PDF)