Planning Department

The mission of the Natrona County Planning Department is to protect and enhance the quality of life for County residents through the implementation of the adopted Development Plan, Zoning Resolution, and the Subdivision Regulations while providing professional, friendly and knowledgeable customer service to the community.

Planning and Zoning

  • Explains regulations regarding land use and zoning.
  • Processes land development requests.
  • Combines current planning and long-range planning to best serve the public interest while allowing growth to occur.
  • Provides technical assistance and staff support to the Planning & Zoning Commission and the Board of County Commissioners.

Code Enforcement

  • Promotes and encourages the maintenance of properties within Natrona County.
  • Protects and provides for the highest level of health, safety, and welfare for the citizens of Natrona County.
  • Enforces zoning regulations and issues related planning permits and permitted uses.

Cooperative Agencies

The  Natrona County Planning Department works in conjunction with Natrona County Building Department, Natrona County Road & Bridge, Casper-Natrona County Health Department, and the Natrona County Fire Protection District. These and other federal, state and local partner agencies serve to provide a safe community for the citizens of Natrona County.

Planning Resources