History of the Detention Center

First Jail in Natrona County

The first recorded jail built for Natrona County was built in 1890 and was located on South David Street in Casper, Wyoming. This jail was burnt down by Dr. Joseph Benson.

Timeline: Relocating the County Jail

In 1892, the town of Casper proposed to build a town and county jail for the sum of $4,000 with the Sheriff's living quarters being located above the jail. This jail served as the Union Jail until 1909 when the Natrona County Jail was moved into the District Court Building, located at the end of Center Street.

In 1940, a new District Court House was built and the jail was relocated to the third floor of the court house as a 25-bed facility.

The Hall of Justice was built in 1977, and the jail was relocated to the third floor of the Hall of Justice as a 50-bed facility.

In 1996, the Natrona County Detention Center was established with six housing pods and a bed count of 211, located at:
1100 Bruce Ln.
Casper, WY 82601

In 2006, the Natrona County Detention Center completed renovations and added four new housing pods and brought the current bed count to 476.

Detention Center Statistics

Type of Statistic
Average daily head count 220
In-processing inmates 8,568
Out-processing inmates 6,138