Casper Mountain Trails Center


The Casper Mountain Trails Center is located off Casper Mountain Road. Area Map (PDF).


Construction of a new Casper Mountain Trails Center is underway!  During construction, two outhouses are available along the trails.  

Regulations and Fees

Trail Passes are required for any skiing, snowshoeing, and fat tire biking done on the trails.  Trail pass fees help pay for a small percentage of the County cost of grooming the Nordic trails.  Trail pass purchases also provide the County valuable information on number of users and type of use.

Construction Update - October 2023

  • The temporary lodge building was removed from the site on 8/31/23 and put up for public auction.
  •  In early September 2023 the trees from the proposed site began to be removed and demolition of the old foundation started.  
  • Most of the trees have been removed and material has been brought in to stabilize the new building foundation footprint.

Depending on weather, some site grading may occur this Fall.  Full construction of the building and site will resume in the Spring of 2024 with the building, building materials and other equipment being ordered throughout the winter of 2023-2024.  

  • The estimated completion of all construction is January 2025.
  • The current parking area will be open for the winter season.  
  • High School Nordic races including the State Championship will be held for the 2023-2024 season.

Construction Background

In 2020 the original lodge was demolished after a forensic engineer reviewed the structure.  A temporary building was ordered and delivered in the fall of 2020 and the Board of County Commissioner (BOCC) started the process of having a new building designed.  

 The site plan can be viewed here.  

The BOCC began to budget for a new Casper Mountain Trails Center.  The first attempt for a design was not successful.  A request for proposal for an architect was advertised with bids due 1/22/22.  A contract was awarded to Amundsen & Associates at the 3/15/22 and the desgin process began.

After a subcommittee met several times through the design process and public input was solicited and received, and presentations to the BOCC were presented, a concept was approved and design drawings were prepared for the bid process.  An advertisement for bid was published for construction with bids due on 4/6/23.  The construction contract was signed on 8/10/23.  

Natrona County School District (NCSD ) and the County have a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) executed on 9/12/23 with a contribution of $750,000 with the requirement of the expansion of the parking lot as shown in the site plan.

Contact Information

Please contact Michael Brown, Parks Director if you have any questions or concerns

Bulldozer on dirt with trees in the background

Construction photo Fall 2023

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