Adult Drug Court


The mission of the Drug Court program is to improve quality of life through the efficient and effective use of community resources that will help those addicted to drugs and alcohol become drug free.

Program Purpose

  • The Natrona County Adult Drug Court Program is an alternative sentencing program for adult, non-violent, substance abusing offenders.

Program Goals

  • INTERVENE into the cycle of recidivism among substance abusing offenders by offering drug court as an alternative sentencing option.
  • REDUCE offender participation in criminal activity by providing supervision with immediate consequences for behavior.
  • INCREASE offender responsibility and productivity by addressing ongoing recovery needs.
  • INVOLVE the community and partner with key community stakeholders.

Program Overview

  • Requires participant to attend regular court status hearings before the judge.
  • Provides an 18 month structured intensive supervision and treatment program.
  • Uses intensive supervision and case management to modify participant behavior.
  • Requires mandatory and frequent drub/alcohol testing.
  • Uses immediate sanctions and incentives to guide defendant progress through the program.