Primary Contests & Candidates

The Primary Election will be held on August 18, 2020.

Listed below are all of the offices available for election.
Candidates may file with the appropriate office May 14, 2020 To May 29, 2020.

*** The submission period has ended ***

Last Update: July 6, 2020 12:15 PM

Federal Contests
Contest   Term
United States Senator 6 years
Republican R. Mark Armstrong
Republican Devon Cade
Republican John Holtz
Republican Michael Kemler
Republican Cynthia M. Lummis
Republican Bryan E Miller
Republican Donna Rice
Republican Star Roselli
Republican Robert G. Short
Republican Josh Wheeler
Democratic Merav Ben David
Democratic Kenneth R. Casner
Democratic James Kirk Debrine
Democratic Yana Ludwig
Democratic Nathan Wendt
Democratic Rex Wilde
Contest   Term
United States Representative 2 years
Republican Liz Cheney
Republican Blake Stanley
Democratic Carl Beach
Democratic Lynnette Grey Bull
Democratic Carol Hafner

Senate Contests
Contest   Term
State Senator 28 4 years
Republican Jim Anderson
Republican Ryan Jackson
Contest   Term
State Senator 30 4 years
Republican Charles Schoenwolf
Republican Charles K. Scott

House Contests
Contest   Term
State Representative 35 2 years
Republican Joe Macguire
State Representative 36 2 years
Republican Art Washut
State Representative 37 2 years
Republican Gregory Paul Flesvig
Republican Steve Harshman
State Representative 38 2 years
Republican Michael Pedry
Republican Tom Walters
State Representative 56 2 years
Republican Jerry Obermueller
Contest   Term
State Representative 57 2 years
Republican Chuck Gray
Democratic Jane Ifland
State Representative 58 2 years
Republican Burton D. Schoenwolf
Republican Patrick "Pat" Sweeney
State Representative 59 2 years
Republican David Carpenter
Republican Leah Juarez
Republican Kevin C. O'Hearn

County Contests
Contest   Term
(2) Two County Commissioners 4 years
Republican V Worth Christie
Republican Kevin Christopherson
Republican Jerry Cook
Republican Vickery Fales Hall
Republican Brook Kaufman
Republican Dave North
Natrona County Coroner, Unexpired 2 years
Republican Don Halberg
Republican James Whipps

City of Casper Contests
Contest   Term
(2) Two Casper City Council Ward I 4 years
  Margaret Bloom
  Tim Hamre (Withdrawn)
  Bruce Henry Knell Jr
  Gabriel Phillips
  Amber Pollock
(2) Two Casper City Council Ward II 4 years
  Edis Allen
  Kenneth Bates
  Lisa Engebretsen
  Kyle Gamroth
  Quinn Snow
  Dale A Zimmerle
Casper City Council Ward III 4 years
  Stephen Cathey
  Michael H Mcintosh
  Woody Warren

Bar Nunn Contests
Contest   Term
(2) Two Bar Nunn Town Council 4 years
  Peter Boyer
  Steven Clark
  Dustin J Parks
  Mary Sue Sorenson
Bar Nunn Town Council (2 year unexpired) 2 years
  Adam Willett
  Daniel Wolosin

Evansville Contests
Contest   Term
(2) Two Evansville Town Council 4 years
  Michael Scott
  Forrest J Tobin (Withdrawn)
  Alona Vigneault

Mills Contests
Contest   Term
(2) Two Mills Town Council 4 years
  Sara Mccarthy
  Bradley D Neumiller
  Ronald "Hunter" Wales
  Weston G Hubele
  Sandra Setty