Master Gardener

About the Master Gardener Program

Master Gardeners are trained volunteers who share a love of gardening, an enthusiasm for learning and a commitment to helping others.

The University of Wyoming Master Gardener Program is a volunteer network that serves the citizens of Wyoming by providing sound scientific information and horticultural advice. Natrona County Master Gardeners provide research-based, regionally appropriate horticultural information to the general public concerning:

  • Appropriate plant materials
  • Diagnosis of plant problems
  • Solutions for diagnosed problems
  • Proper plant care, including fertilization, pruning, watering and propagation practices
  • General information about growing seasons, proper planting techniques, plant selection considerations and year-round yard care

Duties of the Master Gardener

While the duties of a Master Gardener are varied depending upon the region, the following expectations of service are upheld:

  • Collaborating with the green industry, public agencies and non-profit organizations to provide current, research-based information to the public
  • Developing educational programs for locals needs such as water issues, alternative pest management and ecosystem characteristics, encouraging environmentally sound horticultural practices
  • Reaching out to new audiences through a variety of technologies
  • Providing life-long learning opportunities and a variety of meaningful volunteer options for Wyoming Master Gardeners, resulting in a committed, active network of horticultural educators who serve communities across the state

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