Community Development Programs

Community Development Programs

Specific programs provided by the Community Development Education (CDE) Initiative Team increase the capacity of communities, enterprises and families to create a sustainable future in which to live, learn, and work.

Extension Volunteer Organization for Leadership, Vitality and Enterprise (EVOLVE)
EVOLVE is a community-based leadership program that helps to build a critical mass of informed and capable leaders. By investing in the development of leaders, a community can grow and become stronger. For more information, visit their website.

Enterprising Rural Families

Making It WorkTM is an educational program designed to assist families in managing their rural enterprises for success. A robust model describes the interlinking and overlap of individual, family, business systems, and the community surrounding them. At the core is the rural family enterprise. Those interested in further information or training in the use of these materials can contact the authors at

Board Training

An effective and sustainable organization requires a governing board that understands its responsibilities. UW Extension programming in board training is targeted to appointed and non-profit boards. If you are interested in further information regarding the establishment of boards or training, please call the UW Extension office at (307) 235-9400.

Mediation and Facilitation

Mediation is a way of settling disputes, by mutual agreement, using a trained, neutral third party. Mediators are not judges; the proceedings are confidential; civility, understanding, and creativity is encouraged; and the parties have the final say regarding what solutions will be adopted and implemented. The program will provide trained, neutral mediators who can help facilitate the resolution of many different kinds of issues, from minor business and neighborhood disputes to organizational and community conflicts. Facilitators provide assistance with strategic, tactical or operational planning, including goal setting and prioritization, or developing recommendations.


A practical program using a nationally available curriculum that examines the needs of people regarding money, with a special emphasis on women. It explains concepts and strategies relevant to assessing, planning, accumulating, saving, and spending. Exercises provide opportunities to personalize information to each user’s own financial circumstances. Money Talk is often taught through group workshops and classes. The explanations and suggestions are relevant for men, as well. Sections include “Financial Basics,” “Insurance Basics,” “Investing Basics,” “Investing for Retirement,” and “Planning for Future Life Events.”

Personal Bankruptcy

A two (2) hour seminar that covers basic money management topics. The certificate of completion issued with the class meets debtor education requirements required under bankruptcy law.

Snowy Range Nonprofit Institute

The mission of the Snowy Range Nonprofit Institute is to provide an educational training partnership with nonprofit organizations and their supporters throughout the state of Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain region. Visit their website for more information about the effort and the upcoming institute.

Wyoming Saves

Wyoming Saves is open to anyone interested in building wealth and reducing debt. With every paycheck we hope that you'll commit to saving a portion. Whether it's 10 percent (or more or less), what matters most is creating the saving habit. Join the discussion on the Wyoming Saves Facebook page.