W.S. §7-4-105(a) After viewing the body and completing the investigation, the Coroner shall draw up and sign the verdict on the death under consideration. The Coroner shall also make a written docket giving an accurate description of the deceased person, the persons name if it can be determined, cause and manner of death, including relevant toxicological factors, age of decedent, date and time of death and the description of money and other property found with the body. The verdict and written docket are public records and may be viewed or obtained by request to the Coroner, pursuant to W.S. 16-4-202.

Rules for a Docket Request:
  • A separate request must be submitted for each individual case docket.
  • Request is by completion and submission of the appropriate signed form, with a photocopy of the requesting party’s identification, unless the ID is verified in person by Coroner staff.
  • There is no fee for an individual docket copy. Multiple docket requests may incur a generation, copy fee and postage charges as allowed by statute and set per resolution by the Natrona County Commission.
  • All individuals, organizations, groups, or companies not otherwise permitted by statute to confidential information, are restricted to the public information of a docket, or to general death summary information.
Download (PDF) Docket form request.