Information for Tier II Submitters / Hazardous Materials Facilities

If you are the owner/operator of a facility in Natrona County, WY that stores more than 10,000lbs of hazardous substances, or lower quantities of Extremely Hazardous Substances (EHS), you are required by EPCRA to report annually to the Natrona County LEPC using a Tier II Report.  Reports must be received by March 1st of each year to report on substances stored in the previous calendar year.  Natrona County LEPC only accepts electronic Tier II reports produced from the EPA's Tier2 Submit software program, which can be downloaded here.  Reports should be submitted to the Wyoming SERC through the Aristatek web portal.  Learn more about EPCRA, Tier II Reporting, and find the EPA's "List of Lists" containing all designated hazardous materials and EHS here.