Help Natrona County Vote

Election Judges are critical to the success of an election.  Having an adequate number of election judges to staff polling places on and before Election Day can ensure voters receive the assistance they need at the polls and can help provide a positive and smooth voting experience for all.  By signing up to be an Election Judge, you can Help Natrona County Vote.

Election Judges are the face of the election office during voting.  Tasked with setting up and preparing the polling location, welcoming voters, verifying voter registrations, and issuing ballots, it is these generous folks who help make the election run.  Election Judges also help ensure voters understand the voting process by demonstrating how to use voting equipment and explaining voting procedures.

Election Judges

Each election, the County Clerk's Office must hire approximately 225 Election Judges to assist voters on Election Day. Judges have a very important job carrying out all of the Election Day duties, getting the voter through the voting process correctly, with the least delay, and introducing our new voters to the political process. Judges have the responsibility of ensuring that the election process is conducted fairly, securely, and efficiently. Judges must be strictly impartial.

Judge duties include:

  • Greeting voters
  • Checking in voters
  • Registering new voters
  • Making changes to existing voter records
  • Handing out ballots
  • Polling site set up and take down

State Statute

Per Wyoming State Statute 22-8-102, "Judges of election shall be registered electors and shall be physically, morally and mentally competent to perform their duties." Additionally, all judges are obligated to attend at least one training session, and, you must be able to commit to working all elections during a cycle.

When Judges Work

On Election Day, all judges are required to work from 6:00 am to approximately 8:00 pm at the polling location. From 6:00 am to 7:00 am, all judges help set up the polling site by starting machines, setting up tables, chairs and voting booths. At 7:00 am, the polls open to the public and do not close until 7:00 pm. Once the polls are closed, it's time to pack up everything and get the results to the Clerk's Office.  We aren't going to lie, it is a long day!  But, we are happy to report that most of our judges have returned year after year because "it's kinda fun!".

Payment for Judges

In addition to serving your community, and maybe having a little fun, you will also make some extra money! Judges are paid as follows (subject to change): 

  • Managers and Coordinators - $200.00 per election
  • Computer Check-in Judges - $165.00 per election
  • Precinct Judges (paper check-in judges, poll book judges, ballot judges, machine attendant judges) - $150.00 per election
  • Hall Judges - $10.00/hour
  • Training Class - $20.00

Contact Information

Across the nation, there is a critical shortage of poll worker and election judges and Natrona County is no different. To provide well staffed and smooth running polling locations, we need your help!  Email the Elections Department  or call 307- 235-9217 if you or someone you know is interested in being a part of this integral democratic process.