Zoning Resolution Rewrite

Last update September 19, 2002

NOTE:  This project is not changing the zoning districts (boundaries).

View and Comment on the DRAFT Zoning Resolution

The public DRAFT Zoning Resolution is available here.   

If you would like a physical copy of this document, you may download the document directly from the above mentioned site, or visit the Natrona County Development Department Office and request a physical copy. Comments may also be provided to the Natrona County Planning Department in-person, via phone, or via email.

Project Updates

Summary of Revisions

This memo (PDF) provides the background of the Natrona Next Zoning Resolution Rewrite process, as well as a summary of the revisions to the Zoning Resolution.  A “clean” version of the Zoning Resolution is attached to the end of this memo.

Steering Committee Edits

This memo (PDF) provides information regarding additional revisions to the Draft Natrona County Zoning Resolution as a result of final Steering Committee review. Both a “redline” and a “clean” version of the full Draft Zoning Resolution are attached to this memo, as well as the original memorandum and the first addendum.

Mountain Zone Districts

This memo (PDF) provides additional information regarding the revisions to the Mountain Residential – 1 (MR-1) and Mountain Residential – 2 (MR-2) zone districts and standards for the new Resort Commercial (RC) zone district. The revisions are the result of two sub-committee meetings with key Casper Mountain residents who expressed interest in developing the development standards during the Casper Mountain Land Use Plan (CMLUP) process. Both a “redline” and a “clean” version of the zone district standards are attached to this memo.