Addresses and Roads

Rural Addressing

The planning Department is solely designated to issue all addresses for unincorporated Natrona County.

Complete the  Online Application for new address.

Addressing is based on the grid system in the Natrona County Rural Address system/E911 system. The Natrona County Rural Address system contains a grid map of Natrona County on which the County is divided into sections, townships, and ranges. Subdivisions are sectioned into Block and Lot numbers.

The Planning Department will issue addresses in conjunction with Zoning Certificate and Building Permit applications.

Addresses will not be assigned for vacant parcels of land.

The following items must be submitted with the address application:

  1. Site plan showing the property and location of the driveways access, (link to Site Plan Page)
  2.  Copy of recorded deed or ADMIN sheet from the Assessor's Office,
  3.  Copy of recorded access easements showing legal access to the property, and
  4.  For WCF, pipeline facilities, etc. latitude and longitude coordinates must be provided.

Once an address is established, address numbers are issued. Address numbers 3 and 1/2 inch x 3 and 1/2 inch white numbers on a red background along with a number plate. Address must be displayed on a fence post or other similar structure near the driveway access point Address numbers must be maintained to ensure address readability.

Do not place address numbers directly on the house or home

Road Name and Road Identification

All roads that serve two or more properties must be named regardless of whether the ownership is public or private.

If the road is in excess of 1,000 feet, it must be named regardless of the number of houses served.

No two roads can be given the same name or have similar-sounding names (i.e.;  Pine Road and Pine Lane or Beech Street and Peach Street).

Each road must have the same name throughout its entire length.

All roads shall be identified with approved signs. Permanent signs shall be installed at each street intersection when construction of new roadways allows passage by vehicles and signs be of an approved size and weather resistant.

Please see fill out the Request for Road Name Applicantion and email it to the Planning Department.

Please email the Planning  Department or call 307-235-9447 if you have any questions.

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