Braille Trail


The Lee McCune Braille Trail is located 10 miles South of Casper on Casper Mountain at the lower end of Skunk Hollow and Strube Loop.


The Braille Trail offers a 1,900 foot trail with guiderails.  Each station along the trail has signs in both English and Braille with information about the natural surroundings. Vision blocking glasses are available for use at the at the trailhead.  There is a Porta-Pot at the trailhead.  


The Lee McCune Braille Trail was developed in the mid-1970's by the Casper Mountain Lions Club, Wyoming Field Science Foundation, and teachers Ed Strube, Dana Van Burgh and Mary Katherman. With tremendous community support, the trail has been reconstructed after a number of climatic events. In 1976, the Braille Trail was the first trail in Wyoming added to the National Trail System as a National Recreation Trail.

For more information visit the Lee McCune Braille Trail Facebook page.