What kind of plans do I need to submit?
You will need to submit various plans pertaining to the work you are performing:
* Plumbing - Pipe placement (waste, vent, water, gas) and plumbing appliance
* Heating - Heating structure and location of heating appliance (gas, propane,
wood and pellet).
* Appliances - What are you placing in the structure (AC unit, water softener,
* Elevation Views - Front, sides and rear of the structure (Height of walls and
roof pitch).
* Electrical - Service size, one-line drawing of the fixtures, lights, and outlets.
* Footprint - Footprint of your structure = total square footage and placement
on the property.
* Foundation - Type, footer size, depth, and amount and size of reinforcement
steel used.
* Framing Details - Framing material size and type of lumber, openings, beams,
truss and joist details, and exterior sheathing.

The more detailed information you supply, the better.

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