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Natrona County Sheriffs Office Records Request Form

  1. Natrona County Sheriff's Office Records Request Form
  2. Contact Information for person requesting records ("requester")
  3. I am the:
  4. "Public Records" are defined in the Public Records Act, Wyoming Statute 16-4-201, et seq. Not all records are public records. If applicable, the Natrona County Sheriff's Office ("NCSO") or the Natrona County Attorney will notify the Requester why a requested record is not a public record. Additionally, NCSO may charge a fee according to the schedule below. Requester must pay the fee prior to receiving the records. 

    $5.00 per case number for up to five (5) pages$5.00 per crash report
    $20.00 per case number for six (6) to ten (10) pages$20.00 per CD / DVD

    $0.50 for each case number exceeding ten (10) pages


    NCSO received request
    Case number pages
    Crash report pages
    CDs / DVDs
    NCSO sent request to County Attorney
    NCSO sent records / response to Requesters
    Total fee$
    Payment Received
  6. County Attorney  sent records / response directly to Requester (and copied NCSO)Date:
    Request was not made in accordance with the Public Records Act
    Requested records are not "public records" as defined by the Public Records Act
    Date "Designated Public Records Person" received records request
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